Superstar Rajinikanth Receives ₹1.24 Cr BMW X7 After Blockbuster Success of “Jailer”

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 In a grand gesture of appreciation and celebration, renowned producer Kalanithi Maran gifted South Indian cinema’s iconic superstar Rajinikanth a brand-new BMW X7, valued at ₹1.24 crore. The extravagant present was awarded to Rajinikanth following the stupendous success of their recent collaboration, “Jailer,” which has smashed box office records and secured its place as the super hit of the year.

“Jailer,” directed by acclaimed filmmaker Nelson, marked Rajinikanth’s return to the silver screen after a brief hiatus, and it has been nothing short of a cinematic sensation. The film’s compelling storyline, exceptional performances, and high-octane action sequences have resonated with audiences across the globe, propelling it to a remarkable box office collection of over ₹600 crores within a short span of time.

Kalanithi Maran, the visionary producer behind this cinematic masterpiece, expressed his gratitude and admiration for Rajinikanth’s unparalleled contribution to the film industry. He stated, “Rajinikanth is not just a superstar; he is an institution in himself. His dedication, talent, and charisma have played a pivotal role in the immense success of ‘Jailer.’ To commemorate this achievement and to show our appreciation for his stellar performance, we decided to gift him this luxurious BMW X7.”

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