Naa Ready Lyrics Modified : Censor Modifications to “Naa Ready”

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In a recent development surrounding the much-loved movie “LEO,” it has come to light that certain iconic lyrics from the film will be modified for its television broadcast, in compliance with censorship regulations. While fans of the movie may have been eagerly anticipating its television debut, they should be prepared for slight alterations in some of the memorable lines.

Here are the lyrics from the movie that are set to be modified:

  1. Original Line: “Pathadhu Bottle’uh na Kudikka Andaava Konda cheers Adikka…” 

  2. Original Line: “Pathavechu pogaya vitta Power kick’uh…” 

  3. Original Line: “Milli ulla pona podhum Ghilli vella varuvaan da…” 

While these alterations are specific to the television version of “LEO” to meet the censor requirements, it is important to note that there are no plans to make changes to the theatrical version of the film. Fans can continue to enjoy the original lyrics and dialogues as intended by the filmmakers when watching the movie in theaters or on other platforms.

The modifications are part of the standard procedure to ensure that content broadcast on television adheres to the guidelines set by censorship authorities. Despite these minor adjustments, the essence and entertainment value of “LEO” remain intact, and fans can look forward to relishing the beloved movie once again on the small screen.

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