Kushi Movie Review Rating : A Mixed Bag of Romance and Clichés

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“Kushi,” directed by Shiva Nirvana and featuring Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the lead roles, certainly had its moments but left much to be desired in terms of originality and storytelling.

One of the standout aspects of the film was the chemistry between Samantha and Vijay Deverakonda. Their on-screen pairing was captivating and added charm to the movie. Additionally, the music and cinematography were commendable, contributing positively to the overall experience.

However, “Kushi” falls short in several areas. Firstly, the storyline felt clichéd and reminiscent of romantic comedies we’ve seen in the past, lacking the freshness and uniqueness that could have set it apart. The concept of a couple from different backgrounds facing opposition from their families is not groundbreaking, and it could have benefited from a more innovative approach.

Another drawback was the unrealistic nature of some scenes in the film. It’s essential for a romantic comedy to strike a balance between fantasy and reality, and in this case, the film veered too far into the realm of the improbable, making it difficult to fully engage with the story.

Moreover, the portrayal of the “first look” love aspect, which is a critical element of the plot, didn’t quite hit the mark. It needed more depth and development to make the audience truly invest in the central relationship.

In conclusion, “Kushi” had its share of positives, notably the lead pair’s chemistry and technical aspects like music and cinematography. However, it fell short in terms of its storyline, originality, and realistic portrayal, leaving audiences wanting more from what could have been a promising romantic comedy. While it may appeal to fans of the lead actors, others might find it lacking in innovation and depth.a 2.5-star rating for “Kushi” seems reasonable. While the film had its
strengths, such as the chemistry between the lead actors and technical
aspects like music and cinematography, it also had notable shortcomings
in terms of an unoriginal storyline, unrealistic scenes, and a somewhat
underdeveloped central relationship.

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