Jawan Day 2 Collection : Continues to Dominate the Box Office

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 Jawan Day 2 Box Office 

In a spectacular display of its box office prowess, “Jawan” has proven its mettle on Day 2, even on a working day following a partial holiday on Thursday. The film witnessed a remarkable surge in business, particularly after 4:30 pm, with evening and night shows setting theaters ablaze. The overwhelming response has transcended boundaries, captivating audiences in metros, non-metros, and mass pockets alike, solidifying its status as a true crowd-pleaser.

As anticipation continues to build, it is now expected that “Jawan” will scale new heights over the weekend. Projections hint at a colossal ₹235 crore to ₹250 crore (extended weekend) collection, a testament to the film’s enduring appeal.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers for India Hindi version:

  • Thursday: ₹65.50 crore
  • Friday: ₹46.23 crore
  • Total Collection as of now: ₹111.73 crore

With these impressive figures, “Jawan” is well on its way to becoming one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of all time. The movie’s blend of riveting storytelling, stellar performances, and Shah Rukh Khan’s charisma has struck a chord with audiences, resulting in this remarkable box office journey.

As the weekend approaches, all eyes are on “Jawan” to see how it will further captivate audiences and set new milestones in the world of Indian cinema. Stay tuned for more updates on this extraordinary cinematic journey.

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