Jawan Box Office Now : Day 11 Box Office Collection

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“Jawan” has emerged as a box office giant, shattering records and creating history. In its second weekend, it outperformed “Pathaan” by a substantial margin, collecting ₹82.46 crore compared to “Pathaan’s” ₹63.50 crore. This film isn’t just a record-breaker; it’s also a record-maker.

In the second week of its release in Hindi, “Jawan” continued its remarkable run with collections of ₹18.10 crore on Friday, ₹30.10 crore on Saturday, and ₹34.26 crore on Sunday, amassing a staggering total of ₹430.44 crore in the Indian market.

What’s even more astonishing is that “Jawan” also made a significant impact in the Tamil and Telugu markets during its second week, raking in ₹1 crore on Friday, ₹2.20 crore on Saturday, and ₹3 crore on Sunday. This brought its total collection in the Tamil and Telugu markets to ₹49.55 crore.

Notably, “Jawan” has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first Hindi film to cross the half-century mark in collections for its dubbed versions. This achievement sets a new benchmark in the world of Indian cinema, further solidifying “Jawan’s” status as a blockbuster success.

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