Basil Joseph to Direct Ranveer Singh : “Shaktiman” Superhero Trilogy in Rumors

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The Bollywood rumor mill is abuzz with speculations that Mollywood director Basil Joseph is gearing up for his Bollywood debut with a colossal superhero project, and the leading man in the spotlight is none other than the charismatic Ranveer Singh. This news follows Sony Pictures’ announcement of bringing India’s beloved superhero, Shaktiman, from the iconic 1990s TV show to the big screen.

From “Minnal Murali” to “Shaktiman”

Basil Joseph, celebrated for his remarkable work in the Malayalam superhero film “Minnal Murali,” has garnered international attention and acclaim, especially after the film’s successful release on Netflix. With his demonstrated prowess in the superhero genre, fans and critics alike are excited about the possibility of him taking the helm of the highly-anticipated “Shaktiman” project.

Fueling the speculation further, a recent comment by Ranveer Singh on cinematographer Ravi Varman’s Instagram post turned viral. In the comment, Ranveer expressed his admiration for both Ravi and Basil, intensifying the anticipation surrounding their potential collaboration.

A Trilogy in the Making

Reports suggest that the “Shaktiman” movie is being conceptualized as a trilogy, with a substantial budget of approximately 200 crores allocated for each installment. The original “Shaktiman” TV series, created by Mukesh Khanna, was a monumental success, with nearly 450 episodes captivating audiences on DD National.

As the excitement mounts, fans eagerly await official confirmations from the respective parties involved. If these rumors hold true, the pairing of Basil Joseph’s directorial expertise with Ranveer Singh’s magnetic charisma promises to deliver a thrilling and potentially groundbreaking superhero spectacle for Bollywood audiences.

The prospect of India’s first superhero making his grand cinematic return, combined with the creative talent of Basil Joseph and the star power of Ranveer Singh, has set the stage for what could be one of the most eagerly anticipated projects in recent Bollywood history. Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds.

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