Megastar Chiranjeevi Demands Full Remuneration Amidst Bhola Shankar’s Financial Woes

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 Bhola Shankar Disaster

Producer Anil Sunkara’s woes seem far from over, as yet another challenge emerges on the heels of his recent controversies. Following the courtroom clash over distribution rights for his previous film “Agent,” Anil Sunkara now finds himself entangled in a financial dispute with none other than the megastar himself, Chiranjeevi. The focal point of the controversy is their collaboration on the ill-fated film “Bhola Shankar.”

Chiranjeevi, a revered name in the industry, reportedly demanded his full remuneration of around Rs 65 crores for his role in “Bhola Shankar” even before the film’s release. This unexpected demand put Anil Sunkara in a tight spot, especially given the movie’s dismal performance at the box office. The film struggled to recover even 30 crore rupees during its entire run, cementing its status as a financial disaster.

With distribution challenges plaguing the movie’s release, Anil Sunkara had to step in to self-distribute the film in regions like Nizam, Overseas, Krishna, Guntur, and East Godavari. The combination of a lack of distributors’ interest and Chiranjeevi’s demanding terms has created a complex situation that is casting a shadow over the producer’s career.

The situation underscores the challenges faced by producers when working with established stars, particularly in a tumultuous industry landscape. As Anil Sunkara navigates these turbulent waters, it remains to be seen how this dispute will impact his future projects and relationships within the industry.

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