Jailer 500 Crore : “Jailer” Zooms Past ₹400 Crore Mark in Just 6 Days

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The Rajinikanth phenomenon continues to sweep through the box office as his latest release, “Jailer,” achieves a monumental feat, crossing the ₹400 crore mark in an astonishing span of just 6 days. The film has surged into the spotlight as the fifth entrant to the exclusive ₹400 crore club, joining the ranks of cinematic giants like “2Point0,” “Ponniyin Selvan,” “Kabali,” and “Vikram.”

“Jailer” has exhibited an extraordinary trajectory of growth, gaining momentum with each passing day. The film’s box office journey showcases its unwavering appeal and the unparalleled magnetism of Rajinikanth’s stardom. From its much-anticipated release, “Jailer” has captivated audiences across the nation, propelling it to this remarkable milestone.

The numbers speak volumes about the film’s meteoric rise:

  • Day 1: ₹95.78 crore
  • Day 2: ₹56.24 crore
  • Day 3: ₹68.51 crore
  • Day 4: ₹82.36 crore
  • Day 5: ₹49.03 crore
  • Day 6: ₹64.27 crore
  • Total: ₹416.19 crore

This exhilarating journey not only reinforces Rajinikanth’s status as a cinematic icon but also underscores the film’s universal appeal. With “Jailer,” Rajinikanth has once again proved that he is a force to be reckoned with, drawing audiences of all demographics into theaters and breaking records along the way.

As the film continues to dominate the box office, the buzz around “Jailer” is expected to reach even greater heights. Fans and movie enthusiasts are holding their breath, eager to witness how far this cinematic spectacle will go on its remarkable journey.

With “Jailer” marking its place in the ₹400 crore club and nearing 500 crore club, the legacy of Rajinikanth’s films adds another illustrious chapter to the history of Indian cinema. The film’s box office journey serves as a testament to the enduring charisma and unparalleled impact of the one and only Rajinikanth.

Stay tuned for further updates on “Jailer,” as it paves its way to further box office milestones and etches its name in the annals of cinematic history.

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