Most Viewed Lyrical Songs in 24 hours in Kollywood: Vijay’s Mass Appeal Shines in Kollywood

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In a remarkable display of his unwavering popularity, actor Vijay has once again proven his immense mass appeal in Kollywood as four of his movies take center stage in the Top 5 Updated Views in the first 24 hours for Lyrical Videos. The numbers speak volumes about Vijay’s ever-growing stature and his dedicated fan base, who never cease to show their unwavering support and the fun fact all these songs were done Anirudh.

1. ArabicKuthu -23.77M 

2. NaaReady – 16.76M

3. Ranjithame -16.68M

4. JollyOGymkhana -14.55M

5. Pathalapathala 11.2 M

6. TheeThalapathy – 11.04M

Topping the charts is the vibrant and energetic track “ArabicKuthu,” garnering a staggering 23.77 million views in just one day. The song’s infectious beats and Vijay’s magnetic presence have undoubtedly struck a chord with the audience.

Following closely behind is “NaaReady,” captivating viewers with its catchy tunes and clocking an impressive 16.76 million views. The song’s popularity is a testament to Vijay’s ability to leave an indelible mark on every project he takes on.

Not to be outdone, “Ranjithame” secures the third position with 16.68 million views, further solidifying Vijay’s reign as the ‘Thalapathy’ of the industry. The song’s emotional appeal and Vijay’s powerful performance have resonated deeply with fans.

This remarkable achievement not only underscores Vijay’s unwavering
popularity but also showcases his growth and consistent box office
prowess in the industry. As one of Kollywood’s most bankable stars,
Vijay’s movies have time and again proven to be a magnet for audiences

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