Maaveeran Cross 50 Cr: Sivakarthikeyan’s Blockbuster Surpasses

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In an extraordinary achievement, SivaKarthikeyan’s latest film, “Maaveeran,” has left an indelible mark at the global box office. Today, the movie proudly crosses the ₹50 crore gross milestone, becoming a resounding success worldwide.

The film’s gripping storyline and SivaKarthikeyan’s exceptional performance have resonated with audiences across the globe, propelling “Maaveeran” to soar high at the box office. From its release until now, the movie has been met with an overwhelming response from fans and critics alike, leading to its impressive financial success.

The film’s remarkable feat in crossing ₹50 crore in gross earnings at the worldwide box office stands as a testament to the immense popularity and appeal of SivaKarthikeyan and the solid execution of the movie’s storyline.

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