Kanguva Glimpse Review : An Action-Packed Thrill Ride with Suriya and Powerful Dialogues

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 Kanguva Movie Glimpse Review

Kanguva, the highly anticipated movie, has unveiled its Glimpse, giving us a glimpse into what we can expect from this action-packed film starring Suriya and Disha Patani. Directed by Siva, with Vetri Palanisamy as the Director of Photography and ‘Rockstar’ Devi Sri Prasad providing the music, Kanguva promises to be an exciting cinematic journey. Let’s dive into the review of the Glimpse and explore its strengths and weaknesses.


The Glimpse of Kanguva opens with an intriguing premise, but the initial title cards could have been more impactful to create a stronger first impression. However, as the scenes progress, the film showcases some impressive visuals in the background, captivating the audience’s attention. The energetic music by ‘Rockstar’ Devi Sri Prasad enhances the overall experience, setting the tone for a thrilling ride.

Suriya’s Look and Performance:

Suriya, known for his exceptional acting prowess, leaves no room for disappointment with his intense and captivating look on the screen. His performance in the Glimpse alone is enough to send shivers down the audience’s spine, promising a power-packed portrayal of his character in the movie.

Madan Karky’s Dialogue:

A special appreciation goes to Madan Karky for his brilliant dialogue writing. The Glimpse showcases the power of the dialogues, hinting at their importance in the movie’s narrative. Karky’s impactful dialogues contribute to the depth of the characters and elevate key moments in the film.

Story and Presentation:

From the Glimpse, Kanguva’s storyline appears to be a perfect blend of action and drama, keeping the viewers engaged. The presentation of the background scenes is visually stunning, leaving a lasting impression and building anticipation for the complete movie. The combination of compelling storytelling and impressive performances by the cast sets a strong foundation for the film.

CGI and Budget Constraints:

One of the aspects that the Glimpse highlights is the CGI, which seems to fall short of Hollywood standards. The disappointment in the CGI might be attributed to budget limitations, but it remains to be seen how the overall story and presentation will compensate for this aspect.


Based on the Glimpse, Kanguva promises to be an exhilarating cinematic experience for fans of action and Suriya. With the captivating presence of the lead actors, Suriya and Disha Patani, and the impactful dialogues by Madan Karky, the movie holds great potential. While the CGI might not meet international standards, the overall storytelling and presentation seem promising enough to overlook this aspect.

As a reviewer, I am excited to witness the complete movie and experience the full impact of Kanguva’s narrative. The Glimpse has certainly piqued the interest of audiences, and I believe that this film has the potential to leave a lasting impression if it delivers on the promises it has made in the Glimpse.

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