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“Maamannan,” directed by Mari Selvaraj, could have been just another film centered around social justice, but it is elevated by the remarkable performances of Vadivelu and Fahadh Fazil. Both actors have poured their heart and soul into their respective characters, immersing themselves so deeply that we forget we are watching Vadivelu and Fahadh on screen. They embody the roles of Maamannan and Ratnavelu, the underprivileged and the lord, with incredible conviction.

AR Rahman’s contribution to the film cannot be understated. His music provides the necessary emotional depth to the sensitive proceedings, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Udhayanidhi and Keerthi Suresh provide good support to the narrative, complementing the stellar performances of the lead actors.

It is truly refreshing to witness a different side of Vadivelu, and one wonders why such a talented actor was kept in the shadows for so long.

Mari Selvaraj, with the freedom to explore a larger canvas and higher production values than his previous films, delivers a visually stunning and authentic experience. The technical aspects of the movie are impressive, although at times they may seem excessive in a few scenes.

The movie should be watched for Vadivelu, Fahadh Fazil, and AR Rahman. Mari Selvaraj has managed to bring together an unimaginable combination of stars and technicians who allow the director’s vision to shine.

“Maamannan” is an awe-inspiring film that beautifully highlights the timeless message that all individuals, regardless of their differences, deserve equal treatment and respect. With a captivating storyline and compelling performances, this movie offers a heartfelt exploration of unity, tolerance, and the power of acceptance. It is a must-watch for those seeking thought-provoking cinema that challenges societal norms and inspires change.

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