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 Madanolsavam 2023 Movie Review 

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Madanolsavam is an entertaining and satirical comedy film that offers a refreshing break from the usual heavy and serious movies. 


The storyline is simple yet relatable, as it revolves around the life of a commoner who faces the wrath of corrupt politicians. The film effectively highlights the struggles and helplessness of ordinary people in the face of powerful politicians.


Suraj Venjaramoodu delivers a stellar performance as Madanan, the lead character. He brings out the vulnerability and innocence of the character, making him instantly relatable to the audience. Bhama Arun is equally impressive in her role, portraying the character of Madanan’s love interest with natural ease and charm. The supporting cast also adds depth and flavor to the movie with their commendable performances.


Director Sudheesh Gopinath deserves credit for presenting a relevant and thought-provoking storyline in a light-hearted and entertaining manner. The movie’s satire is clever and witty, and it succeeds in creating awareness about the corruption prevalent in the political system. The film’s humor is refreshing and enjoyable, with most of the jokes landing well and keeping the audience entertained throughout.


The film’s music and cinematography are also noteworthy, adding to the overall cinematic experience. The songs are catchy and well-composed, while the visuals are aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing.

Overall, Madanolsavam is a watchable for those who enjoy light-hearted and entertaining movies with a social message. It is a well-made movie that offers a much-needed break from the serious and heavy films that dominate the industry. With its relatable characters, witty humor, and relevant storyline, Madanolsavam is sure to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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