Arikomban Movie : Finally Arikomban to Silver Screen

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 Arikomban Malayalam Movie 

Arikomban Movie : Finally Arikomban to Silver Screen

In an exciting development for movie lovers, the life of ‘Arikomban,’ the notorious rogue tusker that wreaked havoc in Idukki’s Chinnakanal area, is set to be adapted into a feature film. The movie will be produced by Badusha Cinemas and Pen and Paper Creations, with Sajid Yahiya at the helm as director.

The script for the film is being penned by Suhail M Koya, and casting is currently underway to select the perfect actors to bring this gripping story to life on the big screen. Sharon Sreenivas, Priyadarsini, and Amal Manoj are among the talented crew members involved in the production of this highly anticipated movie.

The real-life Arikomban was a rogue elephant who developed a taste for rice and began raiding the fields of the local farmers in Chinnakanal. 

The film promises to be a thrilling portrayal of Arikomban’s life and exploits, offering audiences a unique perspective on the conflict between humans and wildlife in India. With a talented team working behind the scenes, this upcoming movie is sure to be a must-watch for film enthusiasts everywhere.

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