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Pathu Thala Movie Review , Pathu Thala tamil Movie Review

Pathu Thala is an action-packed film that is well worth a watch. Directed by Obeli N Krishna and starring Silambarasan TR, Gautham Karthik, and Priya Bhavani Shankar, the film tells the story of a powerful gang leader and an undercover cop who seeks refuge in his camp. While the screenplay is the film’s strength in the first half, it becomes a weakness in the second half, where it starts to drag.

The film’s biggest strength is Silambarasan TR, who carries the entire film on his shoulders, despite not being revealed until the interval block. His screen presence and performance are simply outstanding, and it is easy to see why his fans are so loyal to him. Gautham Karthik also delivers a brilliant performance as the undercover cop, Guna, showing great restraint and underplay.

Among the supporting cast, Gauthan Vasudev Menon stands out in his role as an antagonist. His performance is convincing and shows why he is a great fit for the role. Redin Kingsley and Teejay also offer excellent performances and provide a lot of meat to the film.

AR Rahman’s music is a significant asset to the film, providing a backbone to the story. The visuals, courtesy of Farook Basha, are also fantastic, with his choice of colours complementing the story perfectly.

The film does justice to the original story without going overboard at any point, setting a certain standard in terms of music and cinematography that it never goes below. While the pacing in the second half and the screenplay in general could have been better, the film is still an engaging action flick with great stunt choreography and performances.

In conclusion, Pathu Thala is a film that is definitely worth checking out, especially for fans of Silambarasan TR. With its engaging story, excellent performances, and fantastic music and visuals, it is a great watch for the weekend.

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