Kerala Blasters Boycotts Qualifier Match – KBFC vs BFC

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In a dramatic turn of events during the Kerala Blasters vs Bangalore FC match, the KBFC team has decided to boycott the game due to a controversial free-kick taken by Bangalore FC. The free-kick was taken quickly, without the referee’s whistle or the KBFC team setting up their defensive wall.

The incident occurred in the extra time of the match when Bangalore FC was awarded a free-kick. The KBFC team was setting up their defensive wall when the Bangalore FC player took the free-kick quickly, catching the KBFC team off-guard. The Bangalore FC player’s shot hit the back of the net, and the referee awarded the goal.

This decision by the referee was met with protest from the KBFC team, who claimed that the free-kick was taken unfairly. The KBFC players argued that the referee had not blown his whistle to indicate that the free-kick could be taken, and that the Bangalore FC player had taken the kick before the KBFC team had a chance to set up their defensive wall.

Despite the KBFC team’s protests, the referee upheld his decision, and the goal stood. In response, the KBFC team has decided to boycott the match, refusing to continue playing. The decision has caused chaos among the fans, with both sets of supporters expressing their disappointment at the turn of events.

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