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“Thunivu” is an action-packed Tamil movie featuring superstar Ajith Kumar in a lead role. The movie is directed by Vinoth H and produced by Boney Kapoor. The film has some high and low points, making it a mixed bag of entertainment and disappointment.

The highlight of the movie is undoubtedly Ajith’s appearance. The actor has a significant fan following, and he delivers a powerful performance in the film. Ajith’s action sequences are breathtaking, and his intense expressions add to the thrill of the film. The camera work is another high point, with some excellent shots and visual effects that make the movie a treat to watch. The sound design is also impressive, with the background score and sound effects elevating the movie’s intensity.

However, the movie falters in some areas. The screenplay, in particular, could have been better. The story connections are sometimes unbelievable, and the film features a few unwanted mass scenes that don’t add much to the plot. The inner plot could have been explored further, as it feels like the film merely scratches the surface of the theme.

Despite these low points, “Thunivu” does have a positive social message. The movie focuses on the importance of transparency in the system, and the need for individuals to stand up against corruption. It is a relevant theme that resonates with the current times, and the film does a decent job of delivering the message.

In conclusion, “Thunivu” has its ups and downs. While Ajith’s performance and the technical aspects of the film are commendable, the screenplay and story connections could have been better. However, the film’s social message is relevant, making it worth a watch for those interested in action movies with a meaningful theme.

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