Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan Crosses 1000 Crore Mark Worldwide

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February 21, 2023, Shah Rukh Khan achieved an incredible milestone in
his career – he crossed the 1000 crore mark at the worldwide box office
with his latest movie, Pathaan. This is an incredible feat,
as it is the first time that a movie has achieved this feat in the
history of Indian cinema.

The movie, released on February 27th, has been a massive success,
grossing 499.05 crores domestically and 519.02 crore in Hindi and 17.97
crores in south languages for a total of 623 crores in India. The
overseas gross stands at 377 crores, making the worldwide gross an
impressive 1000 crores. This is a testament to the star power of Shah
Rukh Khan, as his movies have a huge fan base both in India and abroad.

The success of Pathaan is also a testament to the hard
work of the entire cast and crew, who have worked hard to make the movie
a success. From the director to the cinematographer to the actors,
everyone has contributed to make the movie a huge success.

The success of Pathaan shows that Shah Rukh Khan is still
one of the top stars in Bollywood and that his movies are still capable
of making a huge impact. This success will surely inspire other
filmmakers to make more ambitious movies and reach the 1000 crore mark.

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